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Inverter Igbt MIG/MAG Machine
(MIG-250/280/315) Inverter Igbt MIG/MAG Machine
Model: MIG-250/280/315
Functions and Features:
■IGBT inverter technology,energy saving,power frequency,no noise.
■Clear digital meter value showeing.PWM pulse width control technology.special performance,accurate current control,stable arc passing
■Slow wire feeding,arc end with small balls clean,electronic and inductance regulating,shielding gas post flow functions:well spatter control,good depth of fusion:good welding effect.
■Over current,over heat,over load,over voltage protection
■Special appearance,wire feeder integrated,portable
■Suitable for welding mild steel,low alloy steel metal sheet
■Access:welding gun,earthing clamp with cable,gas regulator,brush and hammer,protective mask.
Supplied with MIG torch,earth clamp,helmet.brush and hammer,welding cable,contact tips.
Welding Wire Diameter And Thickness
Model Suitable Welding Wire Welding Thickness
MIG-250 0.8-1.0mm 0.8-10mm
MIG-280 0.8-1.0mm 0.8-12mm
MIG-315 0.8-1.2mm 0.8-15mm

Main Technical Parameters

Item Unit MIG-250 MIG-280 MIG-315
Input Power Voltage V Three phase 380V
Frequency Hz 50/60 50/60 50/60
Rated Input Current KVA 8.5 10 12
Output Current Adjusting Range A 50-250 50-280 60-315
No-load Voltage V 53 53 53
Rated Duty Cycle % 60 60 60
Speed Of Welding Wire   3-15 3-15 3-15
Type Of Wire Feeder M/min Intergrated Intergrated Intergrated
Flow L/min 15-20 15-20 15-20
Overal Dimension mm 630x300x638 630x300x638 630x300x638
Weight kg 28 30.5 33
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