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Inverter Igbt MIG/MAG Machine
(NBC-350II/4000I0I/500II/630II) Inverter Igbt MIG/MAG Machine
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Model: NBC-350II/4000I0I/500II/630II
Functions and Features:
Welding manner:Gas shielded arc welding;
Scope of Application:widely applied in many industry,such as petroleum.chemical industry.power supply. metallurgy,shipbuilding,boilers.pressure vessels.pipes.vehicles.aerospace manufacturing.etc.
Applicable Materials:low carbon steel.high tensile steel.ordinary steel;
Advanced Inverter Technology:
Welding power adopted full-bridge inverter technology with dual IGBT and soft switch,ensure the stable welding current in fluctrated input voltage and variated length of arc.
Precise Control System:Pulse Width Modulator(PWM).with closed loop control system ensure the machines’ working stability.
Excellent Welding Performance
Waveform control technology,with the inductor(Electronic Teactor) regulating function can be adjusted to fulfill the specification such as making the arc more soft,increasing the fusion depth,reduction of spatter,and more nice weldment;
Small ball peeling at the arc ending state ensure the success rate of next arc starting,and the profemance is very stable in flux-cored wire and solid wire welding,the weldment is very nice,Good resistant capacity in power fluctuations can ensure the nomal welding at minimum input voltage about 330V.
Perfect Protection System
Automatic protection on overcurrent,overheating,overloading,and phase lack ensure welding machines’safety,durability and reliability,EMC electromagnetic compatibility function and powerful grid filtering reduced supply contamination.internal circuits and components are well-protected by excellent anti-interference performance.which secure machines’stability and reliability.
Perfect and User-friendly Design:
Automatic protection in long wire welding,can extend the power cable about 50 meters during working;
Auto-locking and non-auto-locking function reduced the labor intensity of the welder;
Wire feeder can be 360 degrees cycled at the top of main machine,which can slso be used separately.

Supplied with MIG torch,earth clamp,helmet.brush and hammer,welding cable,contact tips.

Welding Wire Diameter And Thickness:
Model Suitable Welding Wire Welding Thickness
NBC-355II 1.0-1.2mm 1.0-15mm
NBC-400II 1.0-1.6mm 1.2-20mm以上
NBC-500II 1.0-1.6mm 1.2-20mm以上
NBC-630II 1.0-1.6mm 1.2-20mm以上

Main Technical Parameters

Item Unit NBC-355II NBC-400II NBC-500II NBC-630II
Input Power Voltage V Three phase 380V±10%
Frequency Hz 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Rated Input Current KVA 13.7 15.2 24.2 34.6
Output Current Adjusting Range A 60-350 60-400 60-500 60-630
Output Current Adjusting Range V 12-40 15-45 15-50 15-55
No-load Voltage V 58 70 70 70
Rated Duty Cycle % 60 60 60 60
Type Of Wire Feeder   分体Separated 分体Separated 分体Separated 分体Separated
Speed Of Welding Wire M/min 3-15 3-15 3-15 3-15
Flow L/min 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20
Overal Dimension mm 760x350x780 760x350x780 760x350x780 760x350x780
Weight kg 53 53 53 53
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